YearSorted By Year In Ascending OrderAward TitleAwarded By
19891st place, goat milk cheddarAmerican Cheese Society
19951st place and Best of Show Wabash CannonballAmerican Cheese Society
19971st place, SofiaAmerican Cheese Society
19981st place, Old Kentucky Tomme and SofiaAmerican Cheese Society
20011st place, O’Banon and Mont St. FrancisAmerican Cheese Society
20031st place, fresh goat cheeseAmerican Cheese Society
20041st place, Pipers Pyramides, Bourbon-Chocolate Torta, and O’Banon American Cheese Society
20052nd place O’BanonAmerican Cheese Society
2005 “Outstanding in her field” awardWomen Chefs and Restauranteurs
20051st place, O’Banon, 2nd place Mont St. Francis American Cheese Society
20071st place, O’Banon, 2nd Place Old Kentucky TommeAmerican Cheese Society
2007Gold medals, Mont St. Francis, Sofia, and Old Kentucky TommeInternational Competition at Fromagora Basilicata, Italy
20081st place, O’BanonAmerican Cheese Society
20081st place, O’BanonAmerican Cheese Society
20091st place, O’BanonAmerican Cheese Society
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