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Made from pasteurized milk, these semi- hard cheeses, are aged from 4-8 months. Their natural rind protects them as they develop flavor & character. It's truly in these cheeses that everything contributing to the character of the milk comes through. Years of selective breeding for flavor, and the molds and flora that flourish seasonally. Whether a lover of the washed rind Mont St.Francis or wanting to take a quick reprieve to Provence when you close your eyes & savor the Julianna's, all of our aged cheeses are guaranteed to leave you commenting "this is the best I've ever tasted"...ALL CHEESES ARE SHIPPED TO ARRIVE WITHIN 2 DAYS. SHIPPING COSTS ARE INCLUDED.

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Mont St. Francis
Mont St. Francis
Size Approximately 1-lb per wheel (2 wheels per case when ordering)
Price $85.50
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Intense, beefy, earthy--all describe this 1+ lb. aged wheel (2 per case online)with a reddish, washed rind and the typical pungent odor to match. Named for a nearby monastery, Mont St. Francis is a hearty, stinky, cheese, semi-hard and rich. We love it but it's not for the faint of heart! One of our customers has described it as "a cheese you would not want to eat on a first date, but maybe on the 2nd if the first one went well." Because it is extreme, it pairs well with bourbon or fruity, fortified wines and sweet condiments. Also excellent with bitter beers. Usually available.

Pairings:  Trying to think of something that this doesn't go with--from pickles and ESB beers to shaving it on peaches burned off with bourbon and brown sugar.  Chocolate also works, but our favorite condiment is a pear or pumpkin mostarda. Pairs well with: a spicy Pinot Noir; a fruity, late harvest Zin; and the sweet vanilla and caramel edges of a smooth bourbon.